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Police.Info is an independent interactive resource designed to provide objective information with respect to policing and criminal investigation.

It is an 'open' initiative, meaning that contributions and suggestions from police officers, interested parties and the public is always welcome.

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Welcome to Police.Info, the home of The Police Information Service. This is an international online service, which provides information and resources for both police officers and members of the greater public. For requisite information on the aspect of policing which you are interested in, please select from the options on the left, or from the index page below.

This months features sections:


Police vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. This is usually determined by their function, which can range from prisoner transportation, to highway apprehension. The Police.Info vehicle section has now been opened. Read More


Different territories organize their policing along different organizational lines. These can vary tremendously, with the boundaries between local, national and specialist forces being defined in completely different manners. Read More


Enhanced international interaction and communication on the issue of policing is one of the objectives of this initiatives. We will thus be creating a forum and message board dedicated to this end. To return soon to check on progress.


Across the world their are tens of thousands of police forces and departments. Until now, no serious effort has been made to document them all. It is a gigantic project, but Police.Info has started the task. Read More


Police related news emerges from a wide range of resources. Police.Info is currently creating an aggregation section to bring these together, and thus enable a single view of rapidly changing events in the policing world.


We aim to cover all aspects fo policing. If, therefore, you feel you have something to contribute, or perhaps wish to comment upon the site itself, please feel free to do so. We can be reached via the onsite Contact Page

Coming soon: The History of Policing; Preventative Policing; Police Equipment Study; Ethical Issues; Forensics; Police Vehicles Around The World; The Forum; Interpol; Policing and The Internet; Gathering Evidence; The Role of Special Units; Police Employment and Jobs; Crowd Control Issues.

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Police Corruption

Regrettably there are sometimes bad apples. The most stark example in recent years is that of the Australian Federal Police, which in addition to corruption, has pursued a clear political agenda. This has remained unaddressed by the Australian government.

For more information on their involvement on a particularly disturbing case, please read: The Expendable Project

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